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A Sceptic’s Tale

Skeptical Cat is fraught with skepticism
The truth about sceptics is that we were all believers once. We just stopped after a while, usually with a little help from rational thinking.

The other day just before New Year, @badastronomer asked his followers on Twitter for some stories of what they used to believe in before they turned sceptic. Those tweets were tagged #SkepticTale.

I tweeted some too, and delighted at reading others’ tales.

Years ago, I used to believe that women were made from Adam’s rib, and as a proof, men have one less rib than women. I can still remember Puteri’s laugh as she explained to me the anatomical truth.

Men and women have the same number of ribs.

It took me only five years to learn that. I told @sunnymst the same thing a few months after that, and dude’s face was like I just told him the sky is green.

I used to believe in a lot of other stupid claims.

I was taught that there is a New World Order ran by the Jews and Zionists. They are all trying to take over the world and ruin Muslims.

The truth is much milder and simpler than that.

I was told to hate gays as much as Jews, for they are an abomination. It took me a while to learn that they have no ‘agenda’, are just like everyone else, and just want to love.

I believed in UFOs when a teacher I trusted with all my heart confessed that she saw one.

I believed in an old man who built a huge ship all by himself and shepherded a pair of each animal on Earth into it so they can survive a worldwide flood.

I believed in ancient men with superpowers like splitting the sea in two, splitting the moon in two, raising the dead, talking with animals, commanding genies, et cetera.

I believed in many things. Because elder men told me that they are true.

I no longer believe in these things.

It was all because I decided to free my mind. I read arguments from the other side. I reason things out. I question.

Some people are against these ‘blasphemous’ behaviours, because they know that one will always learn the truth that way.

I say, ignore them. Decide for yourselves.

Update: The skeptic tales are up on Bad Astronomy.

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