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Zurairi AR

Zurairi AR is an assistant news editor and columnist for Kuala Lumpur-based Malay Mail Online, covering topics including religion, human rights, current affairs, economics and politics.

He also spent a one-year stint to help set up its Malay-language sister publication ProjekMMO between November 2015 and 2016.

He was part of Malay Mail Online‘s pioneer team when it launched in 2013, first as a reporter and subsequently a senior correspondent until 2015.

His weekly column on Sunday is also published in the print edition of Sunday Mail.

With previous employer The Malaysian Insider, which has since been shut down, he was a news researcher, and subsequently a reporter and columnist for over a year.

Zurairi was the editor for Fixi Novo’s anthology Lost in Putrajaya (2014): a collection of 14 stories about literally and figuratively losing yourself — either in the physical administrative capital, in the murky political machinery, or in the labyrinth of civil service.

Zurairi views himself as a humanist and sceptic who believes in doing good for goodness’ sake.

He was a co-founder of the now defunct Unscientific Malaysia (2008-2011), a local online community which promotes science and scepticism over superstition.