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In defence of pseudo-intellectualism

Published in The Malaysian Insider

By the time you read this, I’ll be away from the city enjoying my honeymoon, probably reading Greg Epstein’s Good Without God and pondering on a Nietzschean thought or two. If that makes me a pseudo-intellectual, I guess you can call me one.

Recently, lawyer Syahredzan Johan wrote in The Star and called on everyone to stand up against pesudo-intellectualism: Down with it, and long live honesty.

A response by feminist writer Alicia Izharuddin, published in the blog LoyarBurok, had his defenders and supporters claiming that the article was just a poke against the pretenders, not the “real” intellectuals.

My opinion is that they are both related, and an attack on one means an attack against the other.

It is homophobia that is unnatural

Published in The Malaysian Insider

Homosexual behaviour can be seen universally in nearly all species, but homophobia is seen in only one — humans. We are the only species capable of thinking that homosexuality is not only unnatural, but is the root cause of all evil and destruction.

Various species like bottlenose dolphins, black swans, penguins, fruit flies, and bonobo apes display bisexuality and homosexuality. Homo sapiens like some conservative Malay NGOs and a number of our politicians want their government to throw homosexuals in a rehab centre and eradicate the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) from the face of our country.

BN MP Baharum Mohamad claimed in Dewan Rakyat that homosexuality is as dangerous as alcohol, cigarettes, and drug addiction. Much like an alcoholic turning sober, Baharum thinks that gays have a secret switch, which, when turned off in a rehab centre, will magically render them straight.

Wondering how easy it is to present “citation needed” figures dressed as facts in Dewan Rakyat? Baharum only had to pluck “scary” statistics out of thin air, claiming that (gasp) THREE out of 10 men in Malaysia are gay. No peer-reviewed papers, no double-checked numbers, no certified facts needed.